Online Community Roundtable: June 12 in SF

As many of you know, I run a semi formal and somewhat-invitation-based networking group for online community pros with George Jaquette from Intuit.

We try to get together bi-monthly, alternating between the south bay and SF.

A little more information:

The intention of the events is to provide an open and safe
environment for community practitioners to share experiences and best
practices. As such, we have a few ground rules.

Ground Rules:

  • No sponsorships. Host organization provides space, food and beverages
  • No pitches. Presentations should be about sharing experiences,  having a discussion about a problem or issue you are facing, or reviewing a project or site you are working on
  • The guest list is up to Bill & George.
  • Bill and/or George sets final agenda based on topic appropriateness and time available
  • “Soft” NDA: No blogging, or discussion “in public” about  specific presentations, unless the presenter gives explicit permission.

5:30 – 6:30 Networking hour.
Drinks and food will be available.

6:30 – 8:00 Presentations.
After the networking hour, we’ll share thoughts on community. We
request that you bring a 1-2 slide deck to talk to. Topics can range

  • A report back from a conference
  • A new community that you have recently launched
  • A feature that you are developing, or are interested in discussing
  • Challenges that you are facing in developing, growing or managing your community
  • Or any other topic that you feel would be appropriate and enlightening to this audience.

If you are interested in an invitation, please drop me a note.

Bill Johnston - Founder, Structure3C. Former Head of Community at Dell & Autodesk. Mobile: (415) 233-6914 Twitter: @billjohnston LinkedIn: In a sentence: Seasoned online community and social media executive and advisor with over 15 years experience developing large scale online communities, social media initiatives and successful online product strategies.
  1. For lack of a better channel… :-).

    In the unlikely event that I can drop around there in time for a meeting (or you happen to convene this side of the Atlantic) I would really appreciate a chance to participate.

    Spain’s not a very busy place for this kind of interests :-). Best regards,


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