Who Owns Community?

This is a presentation I did last fall on “ownership” of community in the enterprise.

In the presentation, I talk about hwo the notion of ownership is problematic, and review potential governance scenarios.

Update: some folks have complained about the legibility of the text via the slideshare prezo. If you want to download the deck, go here: http://www.kingmonkey.com/whoownscommunity_v1.pdf

Bill Johnston - Founder, Structure3C. Former Head of Community at Dell & Autodesk. Mobile: (415) 233-6914 Twitter: @billjohnston LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/billj In a sentence: Seasoned online community and social media executive and advisor with over 15 years experience developing large scale online communities, social media initiatives and successful online product strategies.
  1. Hi Bill,

    Looks like a really interesting series of slides, but unfortunately the text is too small to read from slide 3 onwards, and it won’t allow me to click through to the version on Slideshare… Any chance you could email me a direct link to the slideshare page for it please? 🙂

  2. Thanks bill,

    I’m also in a direct link to the slideshare page so I can have a larger view the slides . This is a topic that is particularly relivent to my team right now.


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