What’s up with Tivo?

Disclaimer: I love my Tivo, like everyone else. What's up with Tivo? Why is it: So hard to connect with other Tivo users and share content? So hard to transfer content between Tivo and my pc and macs? So hard to download premium content, like movies, to my Tivo ( i know it's in the

Back from Seattle

Sharon and Mel joined me on my trip to Seattle this week. I had really great meetings with folks from Microsoft, Sony Erricsson, and the LeFevers from CommonCraft. Have I achieved a work / life balance nirvana yet? Not quite, but having Sharon and Mel on the trip was a blast, and I still got

More from Community 2.0

Cross-posted from the Online Community Report: The Shared Insights folks have posted links to all the blog covergage from the Community 2.0 conference here: http://www.community2-0con.com/?p=238 I've had a few days to let all the threads running through my brain since the end of the conference settle. Here are the things that rise to the surface.

The new office

I traded a daily commute into SF for a once a week commute to Sonoma. I gave up a partial view of  the bay for an office overlooking the Sonoma Square. Am I ok with the change? You bet 🙂

The last 24 hours = awesome

I've have had the best last 24 hours... Yesterday at 11am I participated with Matthew Lee and Patricia Seybold in a web conference about measuring value in online communities. You can see the event details and view an archive here. This morning I sent out the NEW Online Community Report newsletter. I'm really proud of